A container created to hold anything from wrapped candies to paper clips. Most containers are embleished with something from nature such as barks, pine needles, seeds, grasses, etc. to create a one of a kind piece.

No one looks more like a santa then my father and I painted this one with him in mind. I did use someone elses pattern but it reminds me so much of dad.

I have lived in the country most of my life and with that comes a love of nature. Finding an old piece of drift wood may look like fire wood to one person but to me it will be a handle on a gourd container. There is an abundance to natural material outside, all around us. We just have to open our eyes and see the beauty of what it might become.


Cancer has touched our lives like so many of you. This gourd was created after loosing my grandmother to breast cancer. My mother-in-law also died after battling cancer for many years. Every "A Survivor Lives Here" birdhouse I paint in the well know pink colors has books in the winder with my grandmother and my mother-in-laws name on the spine. I also have a friend who has went through ovarian/uterian cancer and I paint it using teal colors. My father-in-law, and grandfather battled prostate cancer and I paint a gourd in light blues in honor of them Their names are also on books in the window of every gourd I paint like this.

You can`t go anywhere around our home without seeing a gourd of some kind. My family puts up with a lot and are forced into my gourd world whether they want to or not. No one complains, thank goodness because, since becoming involved with gourds in 2000, gourds are second only to my family.
(Eagle Boy Scout)

I have alwasy enjoyed watching the graceful flight of an eagle.Eagle were reintrtroduced to Indiana years ago but it took many more years before we every saw one here in the rural area that we live in. My love of eagles have gone beyond the actual bird though. Since becoming involved in cub scouts some 13 years ago and watching my second son start out as a Bobcat and advance his way through cub scouts into boy scout, up the ranks from Scout to Life and his struggle getting his Eagle rank. I now appreciate eagles in a different way. He did become and Eagle Scout in 2009 and this gourd was created for him. It is a light and tells a story all the way around the gourd. Jamie, I am so proud of you.
 Gourd Haven